Mckinney Forge & Design Studio

McKinney Forge and Design Studio handcrafts jewelry, sculpture, and baskets from metal. Since each piece is made by hand with attention to detail, no two will be quite the same.

The jewelry is unique because it is made from antique silver serving trays. We give these discarded trays a new life by transforming them into jewelry. Various finishes include patina, bi-color flash, gold plate, silver plate, and vintage. Our jewelry makes for one-of-a-kind gifts.

Windflowers are elagant flower mobiles that are handforged from copper and bronze. They make excellent garden decorations as well as indoor sculpture.

Woven wire baskets are a unique alternative to traditional baskets. These copper, bronze, and brass baskets have been milled, patterned, and forged to create beautiful baskets.

McKinney Forge is proud to provide a unique way to commemorate important events such as births and weddings through our custom handprints. We take individual handprints and replicate them in copper, bronze, or antique silver tray. The bronze and silver tray baby shoes also make great gifts for new parents. These hands and shoes look beautiful displayed on walls, in windows, or as christmas ornaments.



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